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As a non-profit existing in the overlap of dance & disability, we quickly realized that funding opportunities are quite limited. So as we started thinking of ways we can generate revenue, we noticed that there are so many people out there who want to and who can benefit from taking a dance class that will allow them to - connect with themselves, with others, express themselves and also get a physical exercise out of it.


That is why, we want to make dance accessible to you through working with amazing dancers all of which want to make a difference and share the beauty of dance through connecting with communities like yours. By scheduling a dance class with us you are not only getting social, emotional and physical benefits of a dance class but YOU are:


In addition to dance workshops, you can also schedule us to present & facilitate conversations about disability allyship and inclusion in arts! Scroll down or click here to learn more about booking us to present at your event. 

Supporting dancers with disabilities & ASL interpreters
Helping us dismantle ableism
Keeping our classes financially accessible

Dance Workshops

Dance Workshops

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Dance Workshops

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Dance Workshops for Support Groups 

&Community Orgs

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Dance Parties

for Birthdays & Other Celebrations!

Pastel Strokes

Dance Classes 

for Youth!


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Janpi Star's

Salsa Class


"What an awesome and uplifting class, Janpi's personality and spunk always makes me feel so energized and his selection of music is amazing! Every Sunday I look forward to seeing him and everyone that is as enthusiastic as Janpi!"

Stephanie Bastos's

 Brazilian Dance Testimonial

"Instructor Stefanie B. was amazing - supportive, uplifting, vibing with us all, and sharing such critical and powerful info regarding the origins, history and current social contexts of this dance! Appreciated mods for physical integration with lower body mobilities. It was also very easy for me to understand, spoken clearly and repeated with physical movements, which can sometimes be a challenge for me."

Antoine Hunter's 

Urban Jazz Dance


"Wonderful, unique experience for me. Antoine was all heart and soul. He is a kind and patient teacher. He is very welcoming to different bodies and movement styles."

Auti Angel's 

Hip-Hop Class


"Very fun! I was so glad I participated in this. I loved everything about it and felt like once more I CAN DANCE! I loved how Auti just showed us the choreo and had us try it out like a real class."


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