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1. Make dance accessible for all bodies. 

How we do it:

- Organizing dance classes taught by instructors who have experience in or are interested in creating dance pedagogy that is more inclusive to a diversity of abilities. Just like our name suggests, our goal is to make dance accessible for all bodies. However, we understand that inclusive dance classes are never a “one size fits all” as every dancer with a disability will have different capacities and needs.

Some of our classes require more dexterity in the upper arms, hands, fingers and wrists.

Some of our classes provide specific technique and options for wheelchair users.

Some of our classes provide both seated and standing movement technique. 

And some of our classes provide directions and movements that are more inclusive to a diversity of abilities. 

Visit our Dance Styles page to learn more about the different dance styles we offer and which class might be a better fit for you. If there is a class that you are interested in that does not meet your access needs, or if you have suggestions for how we can improve the accessibility of our classes, let us know by filling out our Class Feedback Form.  

2. Provide more financial security for dancers with disabilities and create opportunities for them to practice their skills as dance instructors. 

How we do it:

- By providing compensation for our instructors to teach their dance classes. This is also an opportunity for them to share and expand upon their skills as professional dancers and instructors. To support us, please consider Donating - it will go directly towards paying our instructors!

3. Create more resources to learn about different dance styles.

How we do it:

- Coming soon! We are working on making pre-recorded dance class videos available in different styles. 

Got any ideas for how we can make dance more accessible? Email us at

4. Increase representation of disabled dancers.

How we do it:

- By bringing our inclusive, engaging and community-focused dance classes to events and workspaces.

- By sharing photos and videos of our instructors and participants on social media.

- By organizing more dance classes on an ongoing basis.

Want to schedule a class with us for your organization? Visit Our Services to learn more or fill out our Virtual Class Interest form

5. Create more employment and volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities. 

How we do it:

- This is something we are working on! We want to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities to work with our organization.

Want to help us achieve this goal? Consider sponsoring us. Or email with suggestions for grants we can apply for - we would love to hear from you.

Want to volunteer with us? Check out our available volunteer positions.

6. Create a strong community of individuals with disabilities. 

How we do it:

We started a new Facebook group in July 2020 for our participants to connect and share resources with one another. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve this group or do a better job in building community, email with subject title as "Building Community Through Dance".

7. Increase our advocacy work in disability justice. 

How we do it:

- Coming soon:

- Creating a resource page on our website.

- Writing blogs. 

- Speaker series & interviews. 

- Workforce development & creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. 

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