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Our Team


Kate Rose
Executive Director

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Kate (she/her) is a creative with an extensive background  in fundraising, development and partnership building within the nonprofit sector and media industry. As a neurodivergent individual, she has often  found art to be therapeutic and theatre has helped her come out of her shell and build a community of people with similar interests. She is humbled and honored to serve as Executive Director of Dance for All Bodies, and looks forward to working with the team to dismantle ableism in dance and further the mission of DfAB that embraces art as a powerful tool for social change.


ID: Kate, a fair-skinned cisgender woman with long brown hair, brown eyes  and light makeup on looking at the camera. She is wearing a light green shirt. The background is white.


ID: Allison, a white cisgender woman with long brown hair parted to one side and blue eyes, smiles warmly. The light in the image and on her face is quite golden, as it was sunset when the image was taken. There is a tall brown NYC building out of focus in the background.

Allison Jones

Class Host

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Allison (she/her) is a neurodivergent & invisibly disabled former professional dancer who felt herself moving away from "dance for dancers" post-career, in search of the raw joy of movement for all. Allison is very happy to have found and be working with DfAB, and is continuing to grow within advocacy movements in the performing arts as a certified Intimacy Coordinator for Film & TV.

ID: Jenny, a fair-skinned cisgender woman with long brown hair parted to one side and brown eyes gazing up in the distance, smiles slightly. She has a light green colored large teardrop earring and is wearing an orange shirt. The background is white.

Jenny Herges
ASL Interpreting Coordinator
Content Writer

Jenny Herges smiling in front of a beige wall

Jenny (she/her) is a lover of dance, a free spirit, and an advocate for change. She works in Special Education in The San Francisco Bay Area. Jenny has always had a passion for the arts. Growing up, she engaged in ballet classes, modern dance, and was a violinist in the school and community orchestra. To date, she works with local community organizations to create change for people with disabilities. She also volunteers her time by providing communication access through ASL interpreting at a local drag show to support transition-aged students.      

Amanda Lojeski smiling wearing a grey patterned shirt

ID: in progress

Amy Lin smiling outside with wearing a denim jacket

ID: A young Asian woman with shoulder-length black hair sitting outside facing slightly to the right and smiling widely at the camera. She is wearing a yellow tank top under a light blue long sleeved shirt.

Headshot of Shauryn da Silva standing outside while leaning against a railing

ID: A young white woman with shoulder-length dark brown hair sitting in front of an old building in Rome, Italy. She is wearing a black tank top, a necklace, a small red backpack, and a flannel shirt wrapped around her waist. She is facing left but looking at the camera, smiling slightly. 

Amanda Lojeski

Event Outreach Coordinator

Amanda has a love for dance, art, music and theater. Theater has been a part of her life since high school. She has been in many of musicals over the years. She loves seeing how much joy dancing can bring to people. She enjoys creating events for DfAB’s on the website and loves being a part of DfAB.

Amy Lin
Graphic Design Coordinator

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Amy (she/her) is an extroverted optimist who wishes to be a part of a positive change. She is a lover of all forms of creative expression—from dance to music to even baking pastries and sweets. Amy is involved in her dance group on campus as Choreography Chair and enjoys spreading the joy of dance to everyone.

Shauryn da Silva
Graphic Design Coordinator

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Shauryn loves art, design, music, and hiking. She likes being connected to nature. She joined DfAB because she wanted to meet new people, familiarize herself with different life experiences, and work at making her designs for accessible.

Rachel Shon smiling in front of grey background with blue flowers in her hair

ID: A young woman smiles in front of a dark gray background. She is wearing a white top with blue flowers in her hair and dangling earrings. She has dark brown long hair.

Rachel Shon

Class Host


Rachel (she/her) loves dance, music, and playing guitar. She played soccer for 13 years and always turns to dance or sports to relieve stress. Rachel joined Dance for All Bodies to help share the beauty of dance and its ability to empower people. She is currently a student at UC Berkeley, studying cell biology and psychology. 


ID: in progress

Kristin Stepanek
 Corporate Outreach

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Kristin is a communications specialist and program manager. She has worked with non-profits and corporations to create mutually beneficial partnerships that positively impact society and the environment.

Kristin joined Dance for All Bodies to increase access to the mental and physical benefits of movement.

Kristin enjoys fitness, learning new things, and the science and art of organic gardening.


ID: A white woman stands against a green wall and smiles. She wears a black, crew neck sweater. Her hair is long, brown with blonde ends, and wavy.

Catherine Kelly
Class Host

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​​Catherine (she/her) is a passionate dancer and educator originally from Oak Park, IL. She began dancing at three years old and was lucky to be a part of an inclusive dance class, celebrating all bodies and abilities, as part of her dance education. Since graduating from Kenyon College in 2019 with a degree in Psychology and Dance, Catherine has worked in early education at Denver Public Schools integrating dance and movement into her work with our youngest students. She is thrilled to be a part of the DfAB community. 


ID: A young woman, Victoria smiles in a yellow/orange toned room with her head turned toward the camera. She is wearing a yellow shirt and has black curly hair just past her shoulders.


ID: Janie, a white woman, smiles outside on the streets of New York City. She has blonde wavy hair and green eyes. She is wearing a black long-sleeve dress with gold hoop earrings.


ID: in progress

Victoria Wat

Class Host


Janie Dent

Class Host


Jenny John

Service Designer and Performance Analyst

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Victoria (she/her) started dancing at the age of four and has never stopped since! She particularly enjoys contemporary and ballet and loves the amazing community that dance cultivates. Victoria joined Dance for All Bodies because she is passionate about sharing the power of dance and its ability to connect all kinds of people. She is currently studying Nutritional Sciences: Physiology & Metabolism at UC Berkeley. 


Janie (she/her) has danced for as long as she can remember and is so grateful for the overwhelmingly positive impact it's had on her life. She joined Dance for All Bodies to provide that experience for all people and inspire a love of dance in everyone. Janie is currently a student at UC Berkeley studying molecular and cell biology, but spends any time she can helping out at dance classes for her local studio when she's home. She is so excited to be a part of DfAB!


Jenny (she/her) is a Service Designer and Performance Analyst at DfAB. She is pursuing her Master's in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She is as passionate about Dance as she is about Design. She firmly believes in creating inclusive and accessible spaces through design and hopes that her work with DfAB will be a step towards that. Jenny is grateful and excited to be a part of DfAB!

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