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Janpi Star's

Salsa Class


"What an awesome and uplifting class, Janpi's personality and spunk always makes me feel so energized and his selection of music is amazing! Every Sunday I look forward to seeing him and everyone that is as enthusiastic as Janpi!"

Stephanie Bastos's

 Brazilian Dance Testimonial

"Instructor Stefanie B. was amazing - supportive, uplifting, vibing with us all, and sharing such critical and powerful info regarding the origins, history and current social contexts of this dance! Appreciated mods for physical integration with lower body mobilities. It was also very easy for me to understand, spoken clearly and repeated with physical movements, which can sometimes be a challenge for me."

Antoine Hunter's 

Urban Jazz Dance


"Wonderful, unique experience for me. Antoine was all heart and soul. He is a kind and patient teacher. He is very welcoming to different bodies and movement styles."

Auti Angel's 

Hip-Hop Class


"Very fun! I was so glad I participated in this. I loved everything about it and felt like once more I CAN DANCE! I loved how Auti just showed us the choreo and had us try it out like a real class."

If you are hosting a virtual event and are looking for a fun, inclusive and engaging experience for your event participants, you are at the right spot! Through this class, you are not only providing a socially, emotionally and physically engaging experience for your participants but you are also participating in a greater cause. You are helping us dismantle ableism in dance and in our worlds by providing financial support for our organization. Your support will directly go towards paying dancers with disabilities, ASL interpreters and other accessibility costs. 


By scheduling a dance class with us, you are making sure that we can sustain our organization while keeping our dance classes financially accessible. 

















Here is what to expect: An inclusive dance workshop is a high energy dance class where people with and without disabilities can participate. 

Our instructors will guide you through movements options specifically addressing the access needs of the audiences at the event. They will demonstrate and suggest moves, ideas and dance technique that you will use learn new rhythms and explore new parts of yourself!


We aim to make our classes accessible and inclusive to people of all abilities; however we understand that this is not an all size fits all programming. Therefore we are always looking for ways to grow and improve our services to make sure we are really considering all abilities and bodies.

We center our dance class around having fun and finding your own voice and expression. And while all of our classes are focused on creating a space for self-expression and exploration through dance, our instructors use different music, rhythms and techniques to get you moving. 

  • Length: Our dance classes are usually one (1) hour long, but we have also done 30 and 90 minute long classes. 

  • Dance Class Styles: Our dance class offerings are in very unique styles such as, but not limited to, Flamenco, Urban Jazz and Brazilian dancing. We work with instructors with diverse backgrounds, not only in terms of their disability, but also in terms of the ethnic, cultural or racial perspectives they bring into their creative work. We will schedule a dance class based on your interests, availability and our instructors’ availability. Below is a list of all the different dance styles we offer, you can also learn more about each style here:

    • Urban Jazz

    • Salsa

    • Contemporary Brazilian Dance 

    • Flamenco 

    • Hip-Hop

    • Diaspora Dance

    • Chair Tap

    • Contemporary Ballet

  • Closed Captions & ASL:We will have closed captioning available. Based on the needs of your community, we will also schedule an ASL interpreter for your class with an extra fee. 

If you are interested in learning more about disability inclusion, allyship and intersectionality…

You can also schedule us to do a 30 minute or 1 hour presentation & workshop at the end of your dance class. This presentation, put together by the founders of DfAB, can address any of the topics mentioned above! If there is a specific topic you would like to learn more about or that you would like us to highlight, you can mention that in your message when you fill out the contact form. 

So what exactly is an inclusive dance workshop?


Organizations We Worked With

Are You Ready to Dance? Contact Us!


If you are ready to schedule a dance class with us, contact us here. 


Please give us at least two (2) weeks notice prior to the date you want to have the dance class to make sure we can schedule the class in time. In your contact form submission, make sure to address all the points below:

1- Date and time of when you want to have the dance class

2- The size of your group

3- How long you want the class to be

4- Preference for a specific style of dance

5- Any access needs we should be aware of

6- If you would like us to schedule an ASL interpreter for your event

7- If you would like to present about Dance for All Bodies or dance, disability and allyship at your event

7- Any other questions you have for us






Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I or the participants don’t have a disability? Can I not schedule a class with you? That is totally okay, you can still schedule a dance class with us! We welcome anyone who wants to dance and wants to share that with others. 


2. How long will the event be? The event will be as long as you’d like! Most usually our classes are around 1 hour long but in the past we have done 30 minute, 1.5 hour long classes. 


3. What if I am not sure of the style of dance class, can you help me? Definitely, if you are not sure what kind of dance class you would like to schedule, please mention that in your contact form submission.


4. Can I organize a virtual dance class? Of course! We have currently transitioned to providing all virtual dance classes, so we will be ready to bring an interactive dance class to your audience. 

5. Is there a limit on the number of people who can attend or a minimum? No minimums or maximums! We think that if you have a minimum of 10 people, that will be the most fun for you, but you can decide how many people you’d like to invite. 

6. How much does a dance class cost? This will depend on the group size and availability of our instructors. 

7. Can I send a playlist or songs suggestions? Yes, please do! You can either include that information in the contact form you fill out or you can email it to us at

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