Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens in a typical dance class? 

We are so glad you asked! A typical dance class starts with an instructor introduction and a warm up. Depending on the dance style, class proceeds in a Zumba style, where the instructor shows a couple of moves and we’ll do it to music, or we learn choreography. Every style of dance has its own energy and attitude and you are encouraged to try them all try to find the style or styles that you like best. 

2. I don’t have any dance experience. Can I still join these dance classes?

Of course! At Dance for All Bodies we believe that everybody can dance and therefore we want to create this welcoming space where people of all abilities and experience levels feel welcome. 


3. I use a wheelchair but I noticed the teacher doesn’t or I don’t use a wheelchair, but the teacher does. Can I still join this class?

Yes! You can take all our classes whether you choose to stand up or sit down. You can even switch positions part way through if your body needs a change. All our teachers, whether they use a wheelchair or not, will do their best to provide alternative moves and adaptations for your body. 

4. Are your classes only for people with a certain kind of disability? Can I join if I don’t have a disability?

Our classes are meant for everyone: people with and without disabilities. Our mission is to make dance a more inclusive art form and a welcome dance space, especially for people with disabilities, who are underrepresented in dance. Our instructors specifically design their classes to include adaptive instructions for people with a range of abilities in mobility, hearing, or vision. However, true accessibility is an ever moving goal and we welcome feedback on how you think we can improve the accessibility of our services. If you have any feedback for us, please fill out the feedback form linked here.

5. Who should I contact regarding my access needs if I am not sure whether they'll be met or not?

Please email

6. I don’t know how to use Zoom, but I really want to dance! What should I do? 

We have this Google Doc that has some tips on using Zoom. If you would like more directions or tips, please email 

7. Do I have to turn my camera on throughout the dance class? 

No, you can keep your camera off throughout the whole class. You can also turn it on and off at any time you please. 

8. Do I have to introduce myself at the beginning of the dance class? 

You don't have to, but we would love to get to know you! We like to think we are pretty friendly :)  

9. Can I bring my kids, parents, or grandparents to the dance class?

Definitely! Our classes are open to all ages. Some of our classes are more friendly for youth or elderly, you can read more about our different class offerings here

10. I am not sure what dance style I’m interested in, where can I learn more?

Click here to learn more about the different dance styles we offer.  

11. How do I stay up to date on your class offerings? 

Subscribe to our email list below and follow us on social media (Instagram & Facebook: @danceforallbodies) to make sure you stay up to date with us.

12. Why are you offering these dance classes? 

Our favorite question! We created Dance for All Bodies because we believe that all bodies should have the opportunity to feel the joy and magic of dance. Your disability or your financial capacity should not determine whether you can dance or not. If you want to dance, there's a place on the DfAB (virtual) dance floor for you. This power is for everyone! 

13. Do I have to pay for the dance class? 

Most of our classes are free, unless otherwise stated in the description, you don't have to pay! We do have a suggested sliding scale of $5-15/class but we understand that you might not be in a position to pay at this time. We don’t want cost to be a deterring element and that is why our classes are donation based unless otherwise stated. Thank you to everyone who can donate, your donations keep us alive and strong!

14. I want to be involved with this awesome non-profit, what should I do? 

Great! If you would like to volunteer with us, please fill out this form. If you would like to be a host for DfAB dance classes, fill out this form

15. I would like to sponsor your dance classes, who should I contact? 

Great! Please email


16. I want to host a dance classes with you for my workspace/organization, who should I contact? 

Please fill out this Google Forms to submit your interest. 

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