About Dance For All Bodies

Dance for All Bodies (DfAB) is a non-profit that organizes dance classes designed for people with disabilities.

We are dismantling the ableism in dance and in the world one dance class at a time!

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Our Mission

Our Vision

To dismantle the notion that dance is only for the non-disabled and to spread the joy of dance to all bodies. 

To make universally inclusive dance classes readily available for people with disabilities.

How We Do It

By organizing free, inclusive and physically integrated dance classes where people of all abilities are welcome! Currently all of our classes are take place virtually on the Zoom platform. We offer Closed Captions in all of our classes. 

So often dance is seen only on a certain kind of body and certain kind of ability. But dance actually belongs to all of us — to people of every shade, height, size and ability. We aim to make people of all abilities feel more welcome in dance, because everyone should have the opportunity to feel the power of dance. Just like Alvin Ailey, we believe that “dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people”. 

Why It Matters