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Volunteer with DfAB

O P E N    P O S I T I O N S

  • Graphic Designer [volunteer]

  • Social Media Manager [volunteer]

  • Dance Class Host / Event Manager [volunteer]

Take a look at our available positions for more specific details about each position.

Dance for All Bodies (DfAB) has several opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Volunteers allow us to run our programming! Volunteers help with:


1- Marketing: Designing marketing strategies and leading initiatives, managing social media accounts, creating promotional materials

2- Data Analysis: Analyzing class attendance, retention and interest, measuring and analyzing our success

3- Outreach & Partnerships: Researching and creating partnerships with schools, hospitals and organizations with a similar mission to DfAB

4- Event Management: Scheduling, hosting a class, improving accessibility & inclusivity of our services. 

5- Fundraising: Applying/searching for grant opportunities, crowdfunding campaigns, coming up with new ways to generate revenue etc.

We highly encourage and prioritize people with disabilities and from other marginalized backgrounds to apply to be a part of this organization!


You don't have to be a "dancer" to volunteer, but you might become one if you stick around long enough! We welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities to help us grow Dance for All Bodies. 

Time commitment: We expect all our volunteers to be able to commit at least 5 hours every week, with leadership positions requiring more. 

Location: All positions can be done remotely! We will have 1 hour long biweekly check-in meetings. 

Key Competencies/Skills: 

  • Previous experience working for an arts, disability advocacy non-profit or other grassroots organization is highly preferred. 

  • Self-initiator; in these volunteer positions, we want YOU to be the one to make the decisions and take actions! 

  • Disciplined in working independently and remotely; not afraid to ask questions or admit when you don’t know something.

  • Collaborative mindset ; eager to be part of a team and contribute.

  • Self-motivated and shows stamina in the face of obstacles.

  • Must be committed to DfAB’s mission to change the face of dance through accessible dance classes. 

  • Superior time management skills, ability to multi-task projects and multiple calendars.

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