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Dance for All Bodies was co-founded by two non-disabled dancers who are on a journey of understanding their role and responsibilities as allies in the field of dance & disability. And although it may sound cheesy, this journey started with some internal reflection on questions like:

  • Who is a dancer? 

  • What does a dancer look like? 

  • Who dance is for? 


As we started answering these questions, we became more aware of the long lasting ableism in our lives and in our minds. And as we started dismantling these narratives, we decided that we want to have more people be a part of this process. It is the responsibility of individuals without disabilities to learn and educate themselves about disability justice and its history, 


We want everyone to feel comfortable talking about allyship, disability inclusion or accessibility, which have so many different and important elements to it. So how do we prioritize? Where do we start? We hope to share this journey with many others in order to shed more light on how we can be better allies in the disability advocacy space and how to approach accessibility. 


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