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Image Description: five (5) people taking a DfAB class. There are three (3) wheelchair users in the foreground and two (2) standing participants in the background. Their arms are stretched out in front of them and to the side.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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If you have a body, you can be a dancer!


Dance for All Bodies

is a non-profit providing accessible, inclusive dance classes.


We are dismantling ableist narratives in our world one dance class at a time!



“Before my SCI, I loved to dance. I'd given it up since ending up in a wheelchair.


After the salsa class, I was reminded of how important dancing has always been for me and that I can still move my body, be happy and able to enjoy dancing as a paraplegic. ”​


—  Janine Goldberg

—  Name, Title

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Empower individuals and communities through dance!

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