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Tina Hecht Headshot.jpeg
Tina Hecht

Pronouns: She/Her

Born in Colima, Colima, Mexico, lost both her legs above the knee, in a train accident at the age of 5. Tina was the youngest of 9 kids at the time of her accident. She doesn’t remember having legs, but her parents shared many stories of her early years, and they all include a lot of dancing and performing. A very sweet story they shared is while recovering from her amputation she played a little guitar and sang happy birthday to all the patients in the hospital. This sounds very much like Tina; her personality has not changed! Her parents sent her to the USA a year after her accident, so she could have the opportunity to receive better medical care, a good education, and many opportunities to succeed in life.


Tina was raised by her adopted parents, in San Francisco, California. She participated in the annual Carnival Street Festival in the Mission District. She participated in talent shows, doing what she has always loved the most, dancing. As a Teenager she had a dance group called the Dynamics.


Dance and Tina’s vibrant personality earned her a Crown as Ms. Wheelchair California 1991-1992! She enjoyed traveling to speaking engagements and of course to go dancing at the night clubs after meeting people to dance with.


The Pandemic has made it possible for Tina to turn something incredibly depressing into a positive escape for many people. She now has her very own Dance Club in her own home and dances with people all over the world!  


Cumbia with Tina highlights Cumbia music, a blend of European, African and Indigenous sounds and rhythm. Upbeat and fun, Cumbia with Tina is sure to leave you dancing all day long! 

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