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Humans of Dance for All Bodies: Amanda Lojeski

Prior to volunteering as the Event Outreach Coordinator for Dance for All Bodies, Amanda Lojeski was a participant in numerous Dance for All Bodies online classes. She is an invaluable team member who brings a supportive and kind nature to the organization.

A photo of Amanda with her therapy dog

Amanda currently resides in Raymond, Wisconsin. She was born with a very rare disease in which she cannot feel pain throughout her body. Ever since Amanda was little, she has been singing and dancing. She stated, “I have faced many challenges over the years, but my love for dance, singing, and acting has been my escape from it all.”

In high school, Amanda was in musical and choir concerts. After high school, Amanda started participating in community theater.

Photos of Amanda during community theater performances

Amanda heard about Dance for All Bodies from Rumba instructor Tina during her BORP online fitness class. She expressed that Dance for All Bodies has changed her life. “I never dreamed that I would be able to dance to so many different styles of dances,” Amanda said blissfully. She further explained that the classes have helped her through the pandemic. She is thankful to be a part of Dance for All Bodies.

Photo of Amanda dancing

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