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Partner with DfAB

At Dance for All Bodies, we are always looking for new organizations to partner with and we are so excited to see that you are interested in collaborating with us. Read below to learn more or contact us to partner with us.


Let's get to it. 

Organizations We've Worked With

Orthopaedia Trama Institute Logo
Wheel the World Logo
Rancho Research Institute Logo
Spina Bifida Association Logo Logo

What a Partnership Looks Like

There are many ways to partner with Dance for All Bodies. Partnerships can be short term (for one time event/project) or they can be long term (couple months/year-long). We have previously partnered with hospitals, non-profits, and research institutes.  


Firstly, we love to partner with hospitals, schools, and other non-profits to make our dance classes more widely accessible to underserved communities. If you are an organization that serves or works with people with disabilities and would like to collaborate with DfAB to bring inclusive dance classes to your site or community, please fill out the form below. 


Secondly, we also want to partner with corporations and companies to raise awareness about Dance for All Bodies classes and dancers with disabilities. These can consist of organizing inclusive dance classes, performances and speaker series for an event regarding disability, accessibility and inclusion. 


Or if you are just looking for a fun, engaging and creative activity for your employees, while also starting a conversation on diversity and inclusion, we encourage you to schedule a class with us. If this is something that interests you, take a look at our Schedule a Class page to learn more. 

Why Partner with DfAB?

Dance for All Bodies is an organization that aims to dismantle ableism not only in dance but also within ourselves and outside of ourselves. We work with experienced professional dancers and dance teachers, with and without disabilities, to bring you an engaging experience. 


Our dance classes are special from other inclusive dance class offerings because we not only provide education on dance technique, but we also emphasize creating a sense of community, creativity and self-expression in our classes. 


We center our dance class around having fun and finding your own voice and expression. Our instructors are there to guide you through movements and options, but we believe you are the best decision maker when it comes to your body so we invite you to decide how adapt moves to your own body. They will demonstrate and suggest moves, ideas and dance technique that you will use to better connect with your body, learn new rhythms and explore new parts of yourself! While all of our classes are focused on creating a space where you can explore and express yourself through dance, our instructors use different music, rhythms and techniques to get you moving. 


Our dance class offerings are in very unique styles such as, but not limited to, Flamenco, Urban Jazz and Brazilian dancing. We work with instructors with diverse backgrounds, not only in terms of their disability, but also in terms of the ethnic, cultural or racial perspectives they bring into their creative work. You can learn more about the different styles on our Dance Styles page


We aim to make our classes accessible and inclusive to people of all abilities; however we understand that this is not an all size fits all programming. Therefore we are always looking for ways to grow and improve our services to make sure we are really considering all abilities and bodies. If you have any feedback for us, please fill out this form. 


Our Impact in Numbers

60 +
virtual and in person dance classes
More than 300
of participants highly satisfied or satisfied*
of participants are highly likely or likely to invite their friends to a class*

* - Rated as 4 or 5 (highly likely or highly satisfied) on a five point scale on the post class feedback form.

What People Say About Our Classes

“Instructor Stefanie B. was amazing - supportive, uplifting, and sharing such critical and powerful info about the origins of Brazilian dance. The class allowed me to feel a strong connection to disabled and non-disabled peers in the class.”​

- Amputee Support Group Participant at Orthopedic Trauma Institute

“Before my SCI, I loved to dance. I'd given it up since ending up in a wheelchair.

After the salsa class, I was reminded of how important dancing has always been for me and that I can still move my body, be happy and able to enjoy dancing as a paraplegic. ”​ - Janine Goldberg

"Wonderful, unique experience for me. Antoine was all heart and soul. He is a kind and patient teacher. He is very welcoming to different bodies and movement styles." - Participant in the Urban Jazz Dance Class

"Great instructor, very nice people and welcoming atmosphere. It is very helpful when the instructor verbally explains the movements - I know at least 2 people were blind/low vision in this class. Overall, super job. What a positive event and class!" - Participant in the Seated Flamenco Class

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