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Alicia Langlais smiling in a African patterned top against a white background
Alicia Langlais

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Alicia Langlais is the creator of Diaspora Dance, an all-levels Caribbean Vibes meets Afro-Pop dance party class. In addition to her work as a Bay Area Dancer, Instructor, and middle school dance educator, she is also a Dance Inspiration Coach. Alicia also has a Master's of Education Degree in School Counseling and Master's of Art Degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Her M.A. degree concentration in Creative Expression with studies and research focused on Dance Therapy allows Alicia to meld her dance training, personal experience with dance trauma, and mental wellness backgrounds to help students slay dance related insecurities or trauma, which she calls "Dance Dragons." Her dance experiences are founded in the ideology that every body is a beautiful dancing body, and if internal Dance Dragons make dancers feel otherwise Alicia’s positivity and guidance will assure that they are SLAYED!

To learn more, check out Alicia's website

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