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Colorful illustrations of four dancers of mixed abilities on a 3.4'' x 4.1'' vinyl sticker. The dancer at the top of the design is a white skinned dancer using a manual wheelchair with flower prints on the wheels, with their arms spread up. On the left-most side is a dancer with with brown skin and long hair with a yellow shirt and polka dot pants,  snapping their fingers. On the right-most side is a dancer with brown skin and short black hair wearing a pink shirt and gray leggings, posing with their left knee bent and amputation below the knee on the leg side. He is holding an L shape with his arms, above his head. The dancer at the bottom has short gray hair and is seated in a power wheelchair. Her eyes are closed and she is smiling as she has one arm bent at the elbow and the other extended down to her knees. Among these four dancers are the words "dance" "for" "all" and "bodies" written in black scriptive writing. 

Dancers Illustration Sticker

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