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Mindy Kim smiling while sitting on a beige couch

ID: Mindy, a white woman with short bob cut blonde hair parted to one side and blue eyes. Has welcoming smile. She wears a v neck top with a long necklace and it sitting on her sofa with peeks at her home behind her.

Mindy Kim

Pronouns: She/Her

Mindy Kim began dancing at 3 years old in her hometown of Redlands, California. She immediately loved the art and has been dancing ever since. In her first ever dance class --- “Introduction to Ballet and Tap”--- she fell in love with Tap.


While running her successful dance company in Texas she was diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy. It was a career ending diagnosis as Myotonic Dystrophy is degenerative. Over time, Mindy would lose more and more muscle tone throughout her body. Devastated with this news and her new title as "disabled", Mindy took it upon herself to find a new way to dance. It was then she began Chair tap.


Mindy has been teaching a variety of dance styles to a variety of students for over 20 years now and loves Chair Tap the most. Currently she lives in North Carolina, where she teaches Chair One Fitness to differently-abled people in her community. She hopes to continue to share Chair Tap with people all over and spread Adaptive Dance, and an appreciation there-in, to all people who might have questioned their danceability.

teaching 5.1.jpg

ID: Mindy, a white woman with short blonde hair in a ponytail, sits on a chair facing a group of students of mixed ages and genders, also seated in chairs, in a classroom setting. She holds a piece of paper and is looking at the students smiling.. She wears a black T-shirt and white knee-length shorts, and lack tap shoes with white socks. There is a piano and a green wall with windows in the background, and the floor is a light tan color.

VD: Mindy, a white woman with short blonde hair in a ponytail, sits on a chair facing the camera and demonstrates a series of seated tap dance moves in a dance studio room with a wooden floor. Her feet, in black tap shoes, alternate tapping on the floor and her arms alternate extending from her body upwards and to the side, in rhythm with the music. She then taps with her hands on a board that rests on her lap. She wears a white T-shirt with the DfAB logo on it and black knee-length shorts. A fold-out table with another pair of tap shoes sits to the right.

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