Janpi Star smiling in a blue shirt and black pants with his hand rested on his knees
Janpi Star

Pronouns: Janpi /He /She / They

JanpiStar was born and raised in Puerto Rico. They got involved with art for the first time through the music at the Fine Art School Anita Toro Hernández as a 12-year-old playing the clarinet. In 2012 Janpi began their Bachelor Degree in Drama at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras and had the opportunity to work with Viveca Vazquez, Carola Garcia and Petra Bravo.  Janpi began to dance on January 2013 with Juan Maria Seller inthe School For the Performing Arts at Guaynabo Puerto Rico.


They then took workshops in writing, movement, acting and semiotics in Ecuador with the group Malayerba. Janpi has also done workshops with the Candoco Dance Company and went to their audition. They worked with the theater group "Jóvenes del 98" directed by Maritza Perez and trained dance in The School for the Performing Arts directed by Waldo Gonzalez. Janpi has worked with choreographers including Robert Dekkers, Arthur Pita and Jennifer Archibald as well as Petra Bravo with "instalaciones Coreograficas , la casitas de Santurce" in The Fine Arts Center of Puerto Rico. Janpi’s most recent solo work of choreography was commissioned for the inaugural Queering Dance Festival, FROLIC.

Adaptive dance class participants, wheelchair dancers

To the left is a photo from our in-person dance classes at Ed Roberts Campus. A total of 9 dancers of mixed abilities, some seated in wheelchairs and some standing, are doing fun poses in the photo and smiling at the camera. Three youth with their parents are on the left side of the photo, with 4 young adults on the right side.