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Clara Rodriguez staring into the camera over her shoulder against a off-white background with red top and roses in her hair
Clara Rodriguez

Pronouns: She/Her

Clara Rodriguez is artistic director and founder of AguaClara Flamenco, based in Oakland, CA.  She has been training and working professionally in the flamenco world for nearly 30 years, and has since been a featured soloist in productions throughout the United States, Spain, Portugal and India.  

In 2018 she became Adjunct Faculty at UC Berkeley teaching flamenco dance.  She currently holds regular dance classes in Oakland and also offers workshops outside the Bay Area.  She has been working for the past 3 years with the flamenco guitar program at Central High School in Fresno, CA.  A lifelong musician in addition to her dance career, Clara is a classically trained pianist and holds a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA in Ethnomusicology.  

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